Secure. Modern. Flexible.

The Kiosk{ed} browser provides a secure platform to deliver your most sensitive educational content and helps keep test takers on task.

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Why Kiosk{ed}

Secured Environment.
A browser that provides security across all platforms and ensures the integrity of your assessments.

White Labeled.
Each custom app seamlessly ties in with your product for a modern, professional appearance.

Maximum Flexibility.
Our powerful API and extensive configuration options provide the flexibility you need to deliver your content.

Simple Integration

Baked in JavaScript API Makes Integration a Breeze

Your development team can be up and running almost instantly. Take advantage of Kiosk{ed}'s advanced functionality the moment you need it.

View the API
    1   // Secure the device
    2   kiosked.lock(function(success) {
    3       if (success)
    4           console.log("Device is now locked.")
    5   })
    7   // Get device details
    8   kiosked.getDeviceInfo(function(info) {
    9       console.log(info)
    10  })
    12  // Securely store data locally
    13'key', data, function(success) {
    14       if (success)        
    15           console.log("Data successfully saved.") 
    16  })

Wide Range of Devices

Our focus is supporting the latest hardware found in schools and test centers. We continually expand our platform lineup and ensure a consistent experience across all of them.

Current Platforms
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Chromebooks
  • iOS (iPads)
Coming Soon
  • Linux
  • Android
Flexible Pricing

We offer plans for all typical uses and your custom projects.


Economy plan to launch your product faster without breaking the bank.

  • Desktop platforms
  • 1 white labeled app
  • 10k installs per year
  • Email support
$999 / month

Perfect sized plan for small to mid-size organizations.

  • Desktop platforms
  • Tablet platforms
  • 3 white labeled apps
  • 100k installs per year
  • Phone and email support
$2,499 / month

Hands-on support plan for large or complex projects.

  • All Platforms
  • Code access
  • Unlimited installs
  • Dedicated support
Volume Based

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