JavaScript API

For all platforms, a JavaScript interface is available to your web content to provide additional functionality that is not provided by standard browsers.

When your content is loaded in the browser, a JavaScript object named kiosk becomes available. This object provides advanced functionality not found in traditional web browsers. It also gives you a consistent interface across all platforms.

All methods are asynchronous, as the majority of API calls communicate across process boundaries.

API methods follow a predictable pattern. Each method uses the final parameter as a callback placeholder. Success statuses and data are passed back through this callback function.

Method List

This list is version 1.1 of the API, which is backwards compatible with version 1.0. We have flagged new or updated methods and those in the process of moving in the next major release.

Method Description
getDeviceInfo updated Retrieves the system details for a device.
lock Puts the device into lockdown mode.
unlock Exits lockdown mode.
isLocked Determines if a device is currently in lockdown mode.
onBreach Get notified if a lockdown mode breach is detected.
exit updated Unlocks the device and closes the application.
browser.gotoURL Loads a new page in the browser window.
browser.reload Reloads the current page in the browser window.
browser.clearClipboard moved Removes any data currently in the system clipboard.
browser.clearCache Clears any content in browser cache.
browser.clearCookies Deletes all cookies stored by the browser.
browser.getVolumeLevel moved Returns the current system volume level.
browser.setVolumeLevel moved Sets the system volume level.
browser.getZoomLevel Gets the current zoom level of the page.
browser.setZoomLevel Sets the zoom level of the page.
storage.getObject renamed Retrieves a stored object from disk given a unique key.
storage.setObject renamed Encrypts and stores an object to disk.
storage.keys Returns a list of all keys currently in use for storing objects.
storage.removeObject renamed Removes a stored object from disk.
storage.clear Removes all stored objects from disk.
settings.getValue Gets a property value, given a unique key.
settings.setValue Sets a property value for a given key.
settings.reset Removes all saved properties.
network.latency Returns the network latency for a device. Returns the network download speed for the device.
network.upload Returns the network upload speed for the device.
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