Using the Proctor Panel

The Proctor Panel can be a accessed by proctors and administrators with a secret key combination and password. The panel is not needed on a normal basis, but can be handy from time to time.

For example, if the user gets stuck in kiosk mode and unable to navigate within the application, a proctor can unlock the application and return the device to a normal state.

Admin Panel Proctor Panel

Access the Proctor Panel

  1. Press Shift + Alt + Left.
  2. Enter the administrator password.

Admin Panel Proctor Password

Panel Options

The following options are available from the admin panel.The options flagged with Dev Only are only available to those with a developer access password.

Option Description
Reload Page Performs a hard reload of the current page. This is the first thing to try if a page becomes unresponsive for a user.
Unlock and Exit Disables kiosk mode and exits the application. This will the browser session for the user so current progress would likely be lost.
Reset Device Clears the application settings and temporary storage.
Crash Logs Views application crash logs and report logs to us for further investigation.
Display Web Tools Opens the web development tools. This option is only available to the development team members. Dev Only
Launch Debug Page Opens the diagnostics page so you can debug any issues. This is for your development team members and can only be accessed with a special password. Dev Only
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